Senator John Kerry (D-MA): Tea Party To Blame For Credit Downgrade

Today, on NBC’s Meet The Press, Senator John Kerry (D-MA) blamed the decision by Standard & Poor’s to downgrade America’s credit rating on the Tea Party. This is about as asinine a statement as you can get. Kerry, President Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and the rest of their ilk wanted to raise the debt limit ceiling with a “clean” bill that would not have cut spending. S&P warned doing so would result in a credit rating downgrade. It is because of the Tea Party and its supporters that we got any cuts at all.

Kerry: “I believe this is without question the Tea Party downgrade. This is the Tea Party downgrade because a minority of people in the House of Representatives countered even the will of many Republicans in the United States Senate who were prepared to do a bigger deal, to do $4.7 trillion or $4 trillion, have a mix of reductions and reforms in social security, Medicare, Medicaid, but also recognize that we needed to do some revenue.”


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