Nobel Prize Reason II: Engagement And Appeasement

Maybe Obama won the Peace Prize because of all the wonderful things Obama has worked on as Commander-Of-Peace in the area of engaging communists, brutal dictatorships and appeasing the Russians:

Since President Obama Assumed Office, The United States Has…

• Moved to open relations with one of the last true Communist regimes in the world;

• Abandoned preconditions for talks with Iran over its nuclear program;

• Cut aid to Honduras after then-President Manuel Zelaya (an ally of socialist Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez) was “ousted“ by a military coup after attempting to change the constitution and hold onto power indefinitely (like Higo Chavez, Vladimir Putin, and on and on);

• Sent the wrong signal to “our adversaries“ by choosing Russia over “two key NATO allies“ in abandoning missile defense; a move that “will be hailed by the Kremlin as a big victory” and as a “sign of weakness.” Oh, and Obama announced the decision on the 70th Anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland and received no concessions from Russia in return.

• Engaged the brutal military dictatorship in Myanmar (Burma); and is

• Reviewing the “United States’ Sudan Policy. . . the only country in the world led by a president indicted for war crimes.”

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