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ThinkFY is designed to let you "think for yourself." ThinkFY provides timely information you can use to form well-reasoned opinions on public officials and issues of the day. Along the way we may even be successful in exposing some hypocrites, uncovering some hard-to-find truths, and inform some enquiring minds about some outlandish activities.

You'll notice that ThinkFY is not like a lot of the other blog sites out there. We're working to bring something new to the marketplace by doing some research, posting the facts, and letting you draw your own conclusions. ThinkFY doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles. No eye candy here. We're about stimulating your brain and thought process.

ThinkFY, LLC, was founded by Kevin Wright, Founder and Director of Old Dominion Research Group and current Research Director for the Republican Governors Association for the 2014 cycle.

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