Special Interests

Morning Dose Of Reality: Backroom Deals With Special Interests

Change you can believe in? The most transparent, open government ever?


President Barack Obama, Democrat House and Senate leaders and Big Labor officials huddled together behind closed doors over the past two days to broker a sweetheart deal for unions in order to get their support to pass government-run health care.

So what concessions did Big Labor get?

Senate Bill Passed On Christmas Eve 2009:

“Under The Bill Passed Last Month By The Senate, The Federal Government Would Have Imposed A 40 Percent Tax On The Value Of Employer-Sponsored Health Coverage Exceeding $8,500 A Year For An Individual And $23,000 For A Family.”  (Robert Pear and Steven Greenhouse, “Accord Reached On Insurance Tax For Costly Plans,” The New York Times, 1/14/10)

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