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Obama Kowtows To Communist China, Jeopardizes Our National Security

Back in mid-August, it was reported that the Obama Administration was considering denying Taiwan’s request for new F-16C/D fighter jets out of political pressure from Communist China. At the time I pointed out that denying Taiwan’s request could be direct evidence of our national security coming under direct threat as a result of our dependence on China’s willingness to gobble-up U.S. debt.

Well, we don’t have to speak hypothetically anymore, as Bill Gertz of The Washington Times reports, “The president decided against selling Taiwan 66 advanced F-16 C/D model aircraft, despite several requests from Taipei and Congress.”

So why did Obama decide against selling these advanced fighter jets to Taiwan? Money, money, money… borrowed money that is.

Mounting Debt And China: Evidence Our National Security Is In Imminent Danger

Our mounting debt and inability to constrain ever-growing spending poses a national security threat to our Republic because we borrow about 40 cents on every dollar we spend, much of it coming from foreign creditors. Oh don’t take my word for it, take it from those in charge of the defense of America:

U.S. Director Of National Intelligence James Clapper: “The debt does pose a potential threat to our national security . . . The financial relationship we have with China is illustrative of that.”  (Phil Stewart, “U.S. Intelligence Faces Belt Tightening,” Reuters, 2/10/11)

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