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Obama To Push For More Nuclear Disarmament In The Face Of Growing Nuclear Dangers

President Barack Obama is set to deliver his State of the Union Address tomorrow. In it, he’ll push for new stimulus spending, pay raises for federal employees (public sector unions) and a host of other programs including immigration reform and methods to address “climate change.” Also on the President’s agenda is a move to further reduce America’s nuclear arsenal.

This is a dangerous continuation of Obama’s irresponsible, perhaps reckless, agenda regarding our nuclear deterrence. Consider the events of the last four years and ask yourself whether or not the President is jeopardizing our national security.

Morning Dose Of Reality: Trust, But Verify No More

President Ronald Reagan was fond of saying to the Russians, “trust, but verify.” President Reagan was referring to relations with the Soviet Union during the Cold War. It was meant to convey to the Russians that the U.S. believes you, but we’re going to make sure you’re telling the truth. It was the kind of hard nosed diplomacy that Reagan used to defeat the Russians.

Well, that’s all gone now. We won’t be verifying what the Russians are doing when it comes to their nuclear weapons, specifically the manufacturing of new intercontinental ballistic missiles.

“The United States Is About To Lose A Key Arms-Control Tool From The Closing Days Of The Cold War -- The Right To Station American Observers In Russia To Count The Long-Range Missiles Leaving Its Assembly Line.”  (Nicholas Kralev, “Exclusive: U.S. To Stop Counting New Missiles In Russia,” The Washington Times, 12/1/09)

Iran's March To Nuke Capability

Our cousins across the pond are reporting on a secret report by the United Nations’ International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) titled “Possible Military Dimensions Of Iran’s Nuclear Program.” According to The Guardian, the report says Iran has been experimenting with designs to put advanced nuclear warheads on missiles.

Morning Dose Of Reality: Saber Rattling In The Face Of Appeasement

Dangerous saber rattling going on in Eastern Europe in the wake of questionable decisions by the Obama Administration.

Russia’s “Armed Forces Are Said To Have Carried Out ‘War Games’ In Which Nuclear Missiles Were Fired And Troops Practised An Amphibious Landing On [Poland’s] Coast.”  (Matthew Day, “Russia ‘Simulates’ Nuclear Attack On Poland,” Daily Telegraph [United Kingdom], 11/1/09)

Increasing Unemployment

“Unemployment Rose In 23 States Last Month As The Economy Struggled To Create Jobs In The Early Stages Of The Recovery.”  (Christopher S. Rugaber, “23 States Report Higher Unemployment In September,” The Associated Press, 10/21/09)

Nobel Prize Reason II: Engagement And Appeasement

Maybe Obama won the Peace Prize because of all the wonderful things Obama has worked on as Commander-Of-Peace in the area of engaging communists, brutal dictatorships and appeasing the Russians:

Since President Obama Assumed Office, The United States Has…

• Moved to open relations with one of the last true Communist regimes in the world;

Morning Dose Of Reality: Iran Know-How

The New York Times is reporting that the United Nations’ International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has concluded in a report that Iran not only has the know-how to design and make a nuke, the regime is also working to make the payload deliverable via medium-range missile to strike all of the Middle East and parts of Europe.

Obama: Standing For Democracy, Freedom, And Justice -- Part II

Last Thursday we noted the Obama Administration was looking to take out the kid gloves on Myanmar, a country ruled by a brutal military regime. We highlighted this morning the fact that Senator Webb (D-VA) would be talking to Myanmar’s Dictator Prime Minister Thein Sein.

Obama: Standing For Democracy, Freedom, And Justice

Since President Obama Assumed Office, The United States Has…

• Moved to open relations with one of the last true Communist regimes in the world;

• Abandoned preconditions for talks with Iran over its nuclear program;

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