Morning Dose Of Reality: After One Year, Obama To Focus On Deficits

Mike Allen and Jim VandeHei are reporting over at Politico that President Barack Obama will address deficit spending in his State of the Union Address in 2010. That's more than a year after assuing office and about three months from now.

Dodd Is Weak

The News-Times is reporting on a Quinnipiac poll that shows Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) with abysmal approval ratings.

“The Poll Released Thursday Says 54 Percent Of Registered Voters Surveyed Last Week Disapprove Of The Job Dodd Is Doing, Up From 49 Percent In September.”  (“Poll: Dodd Approval Rating Drops,” The Associated Press, 11/12/09)

Biden To Michigan

Curious. The Obama Administration contends the 2009 elections have no bearing on the President’s legislative agenda and do not portend any kind of trouble for Democrats in the 2010 elections. Why then, after losing the gubernatorial elections in Virginia and New Jersey, is Vice President Joe Biden going to Michigan next Monday to stump for two vulnerable Democrats?

Planet Earth Calling Nancy Pelosi

In the wake of Republican victories in the gubernatorial elections in Virginia and New Jersey, Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said “from our perspective, we won last night.”

You just can’t make this stuff up. Someone call the House Speaker and ask her to return to Earth. She’s got an important job to do.

Corzine Loss = Obama Agenda In Peril?

On Sunday, President Obama staked his agenda on a win in New Jersey.

Consequences For Red District Democrats

As they say, elections have consequences. Tonight’s clean sweep of all three major statewide offices in Virginia and the stunning win for Republicans in New Jersey, with Chris Christie defeating Governor Jon Corzine, will send shivers down the spines of many Democrats. And it should. Those shivers will be felt most by dozens and dozens of Democrats representing U.S. Congressional Districts where the Democrat Incumbent simply does not belong. We call them Red District Democrats.

Christie Defeats Corzine

The Associated Press is reporting that Chris Christie is the projected winner in the New Jersey gubernatorial contest. Corzine outspent Christie by a margin of 5-1. More importantly, this is a race that Obama staked his agenda on and campaigned for as recently as Sunday.

GOP Takes VA Governor's Office

After two terms of Democrat control of the Governor's mansion in Richmond, and with two Democrat U.S. Senators, Virginia just elected Republican Bob McDonnell to be the next Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Congratulations, Governor-Elect McDonnell.

McDonnell's decisive victory is significant. President Obama won the state in 2008; the first time a Democrat won the state in 44 years.

Morning Dose Of Reality: Significant Or Insignificant?

The elections today are either significant or insignificant. Depends on what Democrat you talk to, I guess. According to Nia-Malika Henderson over at Politico, the White House is downplaying the significance of any Democrat losses.

Jersey Democrats Rigging The Election

Jim Geraghty over at National Review’s The Campaign Spot has an interesting read on one method the Democrats are using to rig the election next Tuesday.

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