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Reid Donor Indicted: Long History Of Mutually Beneficial Relationship

Josh Gerstein at Politico reported late last night that “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s campaign received tens of thousands of dollars in illegal contributions to his 2010 effort, according to the indictment Wednesday of a Nevada lobbyist.”

“F. Harvey Whittemore Of Reno Faces Four Felony Counts In Connection With The Alleged Scheme To Funnel Funds To Reid.”  (Josh Gerstein, “Lobbyist Indicted For Harry Reid Donations,” Politico, 6/6/12)

“Reid was not accused of any wrongdoing.”  (Josh Gerstein, “Lobbyist Indicted For Harry Reid Donations,” Politico, 6/6/12)

Congressman Sees Conspiracies At Every Turn

I’m a little late to the game here today on this. My real job had me tied up in meetings and what not. In any event, in case you haven’t heard (and I’m sure you probably have), U.S. Representative Jim Moran (D-VA) blamed the “shellacking” the Democrats received in the mid-term elections on racists.

“Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.) said racism is to blame for Democrats’ losses this past election cycle in an interview with an Arab TV network after President Obama's State of the Union address.”  (Shane D’Aprile, “Lawmaker: Racism Cost Dems Election,” The Hill, 1/28/11)

DEMs Find Price of Not Knowing Steep

There’s an old saying: what you don’t know can’t hurt you. When it comes to the blood sport of politics, nothing could be further from the truth.

Democrats have found that lesson out the hard way twice now in the past five months. First there was the Democrat Primary Election for Lieutenant Governor in Illinois where political neophyte Scott Lee Cohen, a pawnbroker, won the primary. Only after the nomination was secure did accusations of anabolic steroid abuse and domestic violence with a convicted prostitute come to light. Runner-up Art Turner wasn’t doing his homework – neither was the State Party for that matter – and now Cohen’s campaign is defunct. In his wake is an embarrassment for the Democrat Party.

Oh The Irony! AFSCME Hits Lincoln As Insider, To Prop-Up Other Insiders

In a Southern drawl a woman tells Arkansans that Senator Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) went native in Washington, D.C., and is now an insider looking out for the interests of lobbyists, insurance and oil companies, rather than the interests of folks back home.

The ad is funded and sponsored by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) and is a down payment on the $1.4 million the labor union promised to spend in the runoff between Lincoln and Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter.

Is This Odd? EPA Administrator Critical Of Oil Spill Efforts To Spend Time Raising Money For DEMs

So, for an Administration on top of the oil catastrophe in the Gulf from day one, officials from the President on down seem to find plenty of time for other things like raising money for Democrats in the mid-term elections.

We already pointed out, as have others, that President Barack Obama has been doing some partying, raising some money and enjoying some great dinners while focusing on the oil leak in the Gulf.

Now comes word, via Maggie Haberman over at Politico, that Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Lisa Jackson “will be the featured attraction at a fundraiser for Senate Democrats next week in Manhattan.”

Fundraisers, Parties, Vacations: Obama On Top Of Oil Catastrophe Since Day 1?

Has President Barack Obama really been working to stem the still-unfolding oil catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico as he contends? Recent activities suggest he may be a bit more preoccupied with fundraiser, parties and vacations. Consider:

On April 19, 2010, the day before BP’s Deepwater Horizon explosion, Obama was in Los Angeles gearing up for the mid-term elections by attending a joint-fundraiser for Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and the Democrat National Committee (DNC).

On April 20th, BP’s oil drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico suffered a catastrophic explosion. Obama returned to the White House.

Three days later, (Friday, April 23rd) the Obama’s left Washington, D.C., for a weekend getaway in Asheville, NC, where the family stayed at the Grove Park Inn & Spa.

On Sunday, April 25th, Obama returned to the White House.

Sen. Casey Proposes Big Labor Bailout As Big Labor Prepares Bailout For DEMs

As Fox News is reporting, Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) is pushing a bailout for Big Labor to the tune of $168 billion dollars. Casey’s bill would bailout Big Labor’s pension funds by putting the “Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation behind struggling pensions for union workers.” The problem, as Erik Berte notes, the liability and exposure to tax payers could far exceed the $168 billion because taxpayers “liability could essentially be unlimited because these pensions have to be paid out until the workers die.”

News of Casey’s bill comes shortly after The Hill reported Big Labor is poised to spend in excess of $100 million to bailout endangered incumbent Democrats in the mid-term elections.

A Debate Worth Having: The Direction Of The Country The Past Few Years

The President plans to campaign against former President George W. Bush again in the November mid-term elections, so says Carol Lee of Politico.

“The White House’s Mid-Term Election Strategy Is Becoming Clear – Pit The Democrats Of 2010 Against The Republicans Circa 2006, 2008 And 2009, Including Bush.”  (Carol E. Lee, “Obama Campaigning Against Bush--Again,” Politico, 5/22/10)

With all due respect Mr. President, 2010 is not 2008, and if you want to talk about the past few years, I think that is a conversation Republicans would be all-too-happy to have with you. Let’s get right to the point: Democrats, not Republicans, have controlled Congress since January 2007. Democrats, not Republicans, have controlled the whole of government since January 2009.


Big Labor To Spend More Than $100M To Protect Jobs… Of Incumbent Democrats

Yesterday, The Hill reported Big Labor is poised to spend in excess of $100 million to save the jobs of incumbent Democrats.

“At Least Two Influential Unions Will Spend Close To $100 Million On The 2010 Election, With Most Of Those Funds Going To Protect Incumbents.”  (Kevin Bogardus and Sean J. Miller, “Unions To Spend $100M In 2010 Campaign To Save Dem Majorities,” The Hill, 5/21/10)

“The American Federation Of State, County And Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Plans To Spend In Excess Of $50 Million During The 2010 Campaign…”  (Kevin Bogardus and Sean J. Miller, “Unions To Spend $100M In 2010 Campaign To Save Dem Majorities,” The Hill, 5/21/10)

Gibbs’ The Kettle Calling The Pot Black Game


Pot: “Hello?”

Kettle: “Pot? Yeah, this is Kettle."

Pot: “Uh huh...”

Kettle: “You're black!”


Pot: “?????”

Earlier this week, in the wake of the elections on Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said:

“I Think The Republican Party Is Having An Internal Battle With Themselves And They’re Shrinking The Size Of Their Party.”  (“Press Briefing By Press Secretary Robert Gibbs,” The White House, 5/20/10)

O-kay… and the state of the Democrat Party, Mr. Gibbs?

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