April 2012

Where Have You Been?

It’s been a while since I last posted here at ThinkFY, the ThinkFY Facebook page, or even tweeted a single letter. So, naturally the three or four people that come here (or visit Facebook or Twitter) to read up on my latest rants have wondered, “where have you been?” Well, it isn’t so much that I’ve been anywhere. I’ve been at the same place I’ve always been… chained to my computer. But I’ve been busy-busy with my real job and that’s what pays the bills.

Never fear though fellow ThinkFY’ers, I’ve been meaning to get back to posting some interesting bits of news and research. In fact, that should start very soon. Like later today, tomorrow or at the very least, sometime early this week.

And be sure to be on the look-out for a couple big projects I’ve been working on that may be of interest to you, your friends, family, pets… or perhaps not. Who knows? Anywho, ThinkFY will be active again soon.

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