March 2010

Morning Dose Of Reality: Pelosi’s Credibility Problem

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has a credibility problem. Last week Pelosi stated in no uncertain terms that her office had only heard a rumor pertaining to then-Representative Eric Massa (D-NY) and his strange behavior.

“Pelosi Told Reporters That Her Office Had Previously Heard A Rumor About Massa, But That There Had Been ‘No Formal Notification’ Of Allegations Against Him.”  (Jonathan Allen and Josh Bresnahan, “Nancy Pelosi Aide Knew Of Eric Massa Concerns In October,” Politico, 3/10/10)

Salt Nazis: Liberals Look To Ban Salt, Literally

A while back we posted a tongue-in-cheek piece about how government ought to be classified as a schedule 1 narcotic. The reason being Democrats, particularly liberal Democrats, push Big Government solutions for just about everything. It’s how they get you addicted to government, dependent on them, looking to your elected official for a fix. The more incapable you are of taking care of your own affairs the better, as far as they are concerned. It means more power and more control.

Liberals honestly believe that they know better how to take care of you, than you do yourself. They think that your welfare is their province, not yours.

I can hear the liberal naysayers now: “this site is part of the vast right-wing conspiracy!”


DEM Cover-Up: No Ethics Investigation Of Massa

We’ve refrained from covering the salacious allegations against the now disgraced former Representative Eric Massa and his apparent mental break from reality. These stories and more have been well covered in the press and throughout the blogosphere.

However, there’s a new development that requires a few words here at ThinkFY.

The House Ethics Committee Has Canceled The Investigation Into Massa’s Alleged Sexual Harassment Of Male Staffers. “The House ethics committee has decided not to move forward with an investigation into sexual-harassment allegations against former Democratic Rep. Eric Massa because he has resigned from Congress and the committee no longer has jurisdiction over him, sources familiar with the situation tell Politico.”  (Josh Bresnahan, “Ethics Panel Won’t Investigate Massa,” Politico, 3/10/10)

Morning Dose Of Reality: Missing The Point On Keeping America Safe

John Schwartz with The New York Times has an article highlighting a rift among “conservative legal scholars” over the ad released last week by Keep America Safe which targeted the U.S. Department of Justice’s hiring of seven lawyers who “worked in the past on behalf of detained terrorism suspects.”

“. . . Beyond The Expected Liberal Outrage, The Tactics Of The Group, Which Is Run By Liz Cheney, The Daughter Of The Former Vice President, Have Also Split The Tightly Knit World Of Conservative Legal Scholars.”  (John Schwartz, “Attacks On Detainee Lawyers Split Conservatives,” The New York Times, 3/9/10)

Pelosi’s Nonsensical Justification For Passing ObamaCare

“Speaker Nancy Pelosi Said Tuesday That People Won’t Appreciate How Great The Democrat’s Health Plan Is Until After It Passes.”  (James Hohman, “Pelosi: People Won’t Appreciate Reform Until It Passes,” Politico’s Live Pulse, 3/9/10)

Pelosi: “. . . We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it – away from the fog of the controversy.”  (James Hohman, “Pelosi: People Won’t Appreciate Reform Until It Passes,” Politico’s Live Pulse, 3/9/10)


Morning Dose Of Reality: Terrorism 101

Leadership isn’t something that you can go to school and earn a degree in. Sure, you can hone your skills, but by and large being a leader is an innate ability. Some are simply born to lead. Well, turns out Democrats are looking to defy the laws of nature by offering courses – to folks who aspire to be in a position of leadership – how to lead on the issue of terrorism. See, just as being a leader is a part of the constitution of an individual, rather than a skill set acquired through experience, Democrats are trying to find a way to lead on the issue of national security; something most Democrats simply are not born with nor believe in.

“House Democrats Have Found A Way To Address Republicans’ Polling Advantage On National Security: Teach Candidates A Better Way To Talk About The Issue.”  (Kasie Hunt, “Dems Go To Talking-Terrorism School,” Politico, 3/8/10)

While DEMs Fiddle With ObamaCare, Fiscal Insanity Reigns

While Democrats continue to fiddle with ramming ObamaCare through Congress, another 36,000 Americans lost their jobs last month and unemployment remains at 9.7%. Worse, if the fiscal insanity of the Obama Administration and Capitol Hill Democrats continues, it’s unlikely there will be much of any recovery anytime soon.

Fiscal insanity? Yes. Consider:

Obama Administration Running $655 Billion Deficit Through First Five Months Of Current Fiscal Year. “The U.S. federal government’s budget deficit reached $655 billion through the first five months of fiscal 2010, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office said Thursday.”  (Patrick Yoest, “CBO: $655B US Budget Deficit For First 5 Months Of Fiscal 2010,” The Wall Street Journal, 3/4/10)

Morning Dose Of Reality: Jobless Recovery

New unemployment statistics out this morning show more of the same: more jobs lost, stagnant growth.

“U.S. Nonfarm Payrolls Declined For The 25th Time In The Past 26 Months, Falling By 36,000 In February . . .”  (Rex Nutting, “Payrolls Fall By 36,000,” The Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch, 3/5/10)

“The Nation's Jobless Rate Was Steady At 9.7% . . .”  (Rex Nutting, “Payrolls Fall By 36,000,” The Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch, 3/5/10)

Real Unemployment Rose From 16.5% To 16.8%. “The U6 alternative gauge of the unemployment rate, which includes discouraged workers and those forced to work part-time, rose to 16.8% from 16.5%.”  (Rex Nutting, “Payrolls Fall By 36,000,” The Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch, 3/5/10)

Weak In War On Terror: Filling DOJ With Liberal Ideologues

After posting this piece earlier on President Obama’s appointments of nine people to the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and two lawyers in the White House who represented or advocated on behalf of terror suspects and detainees, I thought I needed to give one quick follow-up.

“The Senate Judiciary Committee Voted Along Party Lines To Endorse Dawn Johnsen, Barack Obama’s Nominee For Justice Department Legal Counsel. . .” (Meredith Shiner, “Anti-Torture Department Of Justice Nominee, Dawn Johnson, Advances,” Politico, 3/4/10)

“Johnsen Had Testified Before The Committee That She Believed Torture, Including Waterboarding, Should Be Considered Illegal.”  (Meredith Shiner, “Anti-Torture Department Of Justice Nominee, Dawn Johnson, Advances,” Politico, 3/4/10)

Chairman Kaine: Vote-Buying A Part Of “Life?"

Yesterday evening, John McCormack from The Weekly Standard ran a story on President Barack Obama nominating Scott Matheson, Jr., to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit. Matheson’s brother is Jim Matheson, a Member of Congress from Utah. Rep. Matheson opposed ObamaCare on the first go around and is undecided on how he’d vote when or if it comes up again. The President needs every single vote that can be mustered.

Was this a vote-buying maneuver? Maybe, maybe not. Most think Scott Matheson is well-qualified for the position.

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