December 2009

Morning Dose Of Reality: Futile Protest

On the heels of yesterday’s long-range missile test by Iran, the Obama Administration has taken the tack of simply condemning the launch.

“The White House Responded Sharply Wednesday To Word That Iran Has Tested An Upgraded Version Of Its Most Advanced Missile, Which Is Capable Of Hitting Israel And Parts Of Europe.”  (Matthew Mosk, “U.S. Condemns Iran Long-Range Missile Test,” The Washington Times, 12/17/09)

Void Of Leadership In Washington, U.S. Facing Financial Meltdown

No, this isn’t the kind of fear-mongering that President Obama engaged in earlier saying if his government-run health care plan doesn’t pass the government will go bankrupt. While that was a startling, last-ditch effort to save ObamaCare and financially insane statement, the real problem is that national debt has now topped the national debt limit. When the dept exceeds the debt limit, the U.S. is in default and is unable to borrow any more money.

The immediate problem is raising the debt ceiling. Why is it a problem? Because the Democrats tried to raise the debt limit by $1.8 trillion to save themselves the embarrassment of having to raise it again next year when they are running for reelection.

With Democrats in complete control and command of the government, the country is without real leadership in this time of crisis.

ObamaCare Fear Factor

In a startling, last-ditch effort to save ObamaCare, President Barack Obama said that if the health care reform measures consuming Congress doesn’t pass – wait for it – the government will go bankrupt.

“President Obama Told ABC News’ Charles Gibson In An Interview That If Congress Does Not Pass Health Care Legislation That Will Bring Down Costs, The Federal Government ‘Will Go Bankrupt.’”  (Karen Travers, “President Obama: Federal Government 'Will Go Bankrupt' If Health Care Costs Are Not Reigned In,” ABC News’ The World Newser, 12/16/09)

Iran Marches Toward Nuclear Holocaust

The Associated Press is reporting that Iran tested a new advanced missile today that is capable of striking Israel, parts of Europe and U.S bases in the Middle East.

“Iran On Wednesday Test-Fired An Upgraded Version Of Its Most Advanced Missile . . .” (Ali Akbar Dareini, “Iran Test-Fires Its Most Advanced Missile,” The Associated Press, 12/16/09)

“Wednesday's Test Was For The Latest Version Of Iran's Longest-Range Missile, The Sajjil-2, With A Range Of About 1,200 Miles (2,000 Kilometers).”  (Ali Akbar Dareini, “Iran Test-Fires Its Most Advanced Missile,” The Associated Press, 12/16/09)

Morning Dose Of Reality: Having It Both Ways

President Barack Obama scolded banks yesterday for not lending more money. Earlier, the Obama Administration lambasted banks for lending too much. The rationale then was that banks were greedy and careless by lending to much money to people without the means of actually repaying the loans.

What is most surprising about Obama’s tough talk on banks to lend more money in the face of the gigantic housing bubble that burst, is that he is working to repeat the same mistakes of sub-prime lending that got us to where we are today.

In Mid-October, Obama Launched An Initiative To Provide More Mortgages Backed By The Government. “The Obama Administration launched a new initiative Monday aimed at supporting affordable mortgages, backed by the federal government.”  (Michael O’Brien, “Obama Enlists Fannie And Freddie In Bid To Boost Mortgages,” The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room, 10/19/09)

Morning Dose Of Reality: -18

No, that’s not the temperature outside, that’s the approval rating index of the way President Barack Obama is conducting his affairs.

“The Rasmussen Reports Daily Presidential Tracking Poll For Monday Shows That 24% Of The Nation's Voters Strongly Approve Of The Way That Barack Obama Is Performing His Role As President.”  (“Daily Presidential Tracking Poll,” Rasmussen Reports, 12/14/09)

“Forty-Two Percent (42%) Strongly Disapprove Giving Obama A Presidential Approval Index Rating Of -18.”  (“Daily Presidential Tracking Poll,” Rasmussen Reports, 12/14/09)

Morning Dose Of Reality: Troubling Signs For DEMs

According to a CNN/Opinion Research poll, Americans are evenly divided in the preference of who would do a better job controlling Congress. Why is this significant? Less than a year ago, Democrats enjoyed a 25% lead.

“40 Percent Of People Questioned Say The U.S. Would Be Better Off If Democrats Ran Congress.”  (Paul Steinhauser, “CNN Poll: GOP Erased Party Popularity Gap In Congress,” CNN’s Political Ticker, 12/10/09)

“39 Percent Feel Things Would Be Better If Republicans Took Charge On Capitol Hill.”  (Paul Steinhauser, “CNN Poll: GOP Erased Party Popularity Gap In Congress,” CNN’s Political Ticker, 12/10/09)

Hypocrite Harry

Earlier in the week, Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) equated those who opposed efforts to install government-run health care with those who opposed the abolition of slavery. His rationale was that attempts to slow down the rush to pass ObamaCare were somehow like those who sought to slow down freeing the slaves or passing the Civil Rights Act.

Fast forward a couple of days and look who’s trying to slow down progress by not keeping the Senate in session over the weekend:

Morning Dose Of Reality: Debt As Far As The Eye Can See

In February of this year, Democrats raised our nation’s debt ceiling, the statutory limit in the amount the U.S. is allowed to go into debt, to $12.1 trillion. That was a $789 billion increase over the previous debt ceiling of $11.3 trillion. However, the government spent so much money, a $1.4 trillion deficit in fiscal year 2009, the Democrats are poised to raise the debt ceiling again… by $1.8 trillion.

Maybe that $787 billion stimulus, $410 billion omnibus, and $3.5 trillion budget wasn’t such a good idea after all. Of course, there’s always the $2.5 trillion health care boondoggle to pay for at some point too.

Grayson Should Take His Own Advice: STFU

Representative Alan Grayson (D-FL) is one of the most ridiculous, loud-mouthed Member of Congress. On a love-fest between MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and Grayson, the Rep. notorious for inserting his foot, ankle and calf into his own mouth said former Vice President Dick Cheney should shut the f*&% up… and went onto say that if former President George W. Bush had gone to “second base” with Saudi Arabia Prince Abdullah gas would be “cheap.”

I for one think it is Grayson who should shut the f*&% up. This isn’t the first time Grayson has something completely inane. We’ve covered a couple of them here and if you are not familiar with the Florida Congressman, it’s worth a read.

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