October 2009

Morning Dose Of Reality: Reid Using Fuzzy Math

In a “letter to the editor” of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Senator Harry Reid chastised the paper for running “facts” that are “either misleading, twisted or absent." Seems Harry is none-too-happy about the way the paper has presented facts regarding the state of unemployment in Nevada and the so-called stimulus package.

You probably could have guessed it, but Reid’s “letter” is full of "facts" that are "either misleading, twisted or absent.”

ObamaCare: Taxes, Taxes And More Taxes

According to American’s for Tax Reform, the Democrat health care reform bill that came out of the Senate Finance Committee reveals lots and lots and lots of new taxes.

Obama’s Stimulus Petering Out

Just when it seemed like the economy was roaring back to life and all those without jobs could warm themselves from the burning success of Obama's stimulus package, “a top White House economist says spending from the $787 billion economic stimulus has already had its biggest impact on economic growth and will likely not contribute to significant expansion next year.”  (Jim Kuhnhenn, “Romer: Impact Of Stimulus Will Level Off,” The Associated Press, 10/22/09)

Morning Dose Of Reality: Vast Majority Want Reduction In Illegal Immigration

CNN is reporting this morning that 73% of Americans want to see illegal immigration decreased.

“Seventy-Three Percent Of Those Questioned In A CNN/Opinion Research Corporation Survey Released Thursday Morning Called For A Drop In The Number Of Illegal Immigrants.”  (“CNN Poll: 3 Out Of 4 Want Illegal Immigration Decreased,” CNN’s PoliticalTicker, 10/22/09)

49 Of 50 States Have Lost Jobs

Rep. Dave Camp over at the House Ways & Means Committee posted some job numbers earlier today.

“According To The Data, 49 States And The District Of Columbia Have Lost Jobs Since Stimulus Was Enacted.”  (House Ways & Means Committee, Press Release, “7 Months After Stimulus 49 Of 50 States Have Lost Jobs,” 10/21/09)

Increasing Unemployment

“Unemployment Rose In 23 States Last Month As The Economy Struggled To Create Jobs In The Early Stages Of The Recovery.”  (Christopher S. Rugaber, “23 States Report Higher Unemployment In September,” The Associated Press, 10/21/09)

Buying Time For Nothing

The New York Times is reporting that there is a tentative deal in place for Iran to “temporarily” export “75% of its known stockpile of low-grade nuclear fuel to Russia for additional enrichment.”  (David E. Sanger, “Iran Agrees To Draft Of Deal On Exporting Nuclear Fuel,” The New York Times, 10/21/09)

Morning Dose Of Reality: Nasty Reid Is Weak

Over at Politico, Glenn Thrush is reporting on a poll that shows “more than half of likely Nevada voters think Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is a ‘weak’ leader.”  (Glenn Thrush, “Poll: Most Nevadans Think Reid Is ‘Weak,’” Politico, 10/21/09)

Change: All Politics, All The Time

“The Leader Who Prods His Critics To Put Politics Aside Is Doing Anything But These Days.”  (Ben Feller and Liz Sidoti, “Obama Trying To Boost Party Money, Morale,” The Associated Press, 10/20/09)

Afghanistan Indecision Continues

So, the day after it was reported that Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said a decision on an Afghanistan strategy, including the possibility of deploying thousands of more troops, can’t wait for a resolution to the elections in Afghanistan, it is being reported that Obama has yet to decide when he’ll make a decision.

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